How do you network and communicate with your customers and prospects?

What personal ‘brand’ messages are you conveying to your customers, prospects and work colleagues?  How do you network and communicate with them to demonstrate your expertise and raise your profile within your community?  I can work with you to show you how effective the following are:

  • writing articles, papers and e-books
  • posting videos and blogs to your own website and linking then with your social media pages
  • giving talks and/or webinars
  • arranging joint seminars with colleagues from complementary professions
  • using appropriate social media, in particular the hugely valuable forum on LinkedIn whereby participating in a group discussion can give you a great platform to be seen and heard as ‘the expert’.
  • Networking appropriately.

“Marketing takes a day to learn, but a lifetime to master” – Philip Kotler, 1931

Practising what I “preach”: Talks

Debbie Newman, Armstrong Beech Marketing, Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire

I love to share my marketing and sales knowledge by giving talks. These have included to the Bath/Wiltshire Branch of the Institute of Directors, to various Business Club meetings eg Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce, and to the BizIdea competition entrants as well as other groups at The University of the West of England.

Helpful articles and e-newsletters

I write a monthly e-newsletter and I’d be delighted to include you in its distribution. Sign up here.  Generally I touch on a marketing topic and explore or challenge you to take some action! Visit our Facebook for Business page to give you a flavour

“I love receiving your email newsletters – they constantly remind me of all the things I *will* do when I can magic up some more hours in the day! Good tip about picking up the phone – you’re right – it is good to talk!” – Lou Fletcher, of Piccolo Property in Salisbury

How I get involved with local business and networking groups


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Institute of Directors Bath & Wiltshire

I served as Chair of the Bath/Wiltshire Branch of the Institute of Directors for three and a half years from 2004.  “Under her leadership, Debbie has effectively built up the Branch from scratch … She has brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the role of Chairman which has helped make it the active and successful Branch that it is today.” Paul Keith, then Chair of the IoD South West Region.

Videos and Podcasts

Apart from the two videos on the site here about ‘marketing’ and the ‘marketing audit’, I recorded three podcasts for another Women in Business group which I led. And I promise you the videos especially took me very much outside of my comfort zone, but I didn’t die and live to tell the tale!
They covered:
Networking – Love it or Hate it Part 1 – preparation and there on the day
Networking – Love it or Hate it Part II – the follow up
Pareto and the 80-20 rule

These all may be viewed on my You Tube channel

If you’re looking to get the best out of networking and communicating with your customers, then contact me on 01225 869 240 or 07789 778 335

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Her warm and friendly personality is ideal for work in this field where human relationships are all important; her professional skill has been proved beyond all doubt.

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