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Trust in Business – who needs it?

Trust in Business – who needs it? was the title of an excellent lecture given by Ian Powell, Chairman and Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as part of the Distinguished Executive Address Series at UWE in February which I attended along with

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17 tips for selling in a recession

Written a couple of years ago when this latest recession first hit…. Trust is a paradoxical thing. It requires risk-taking when we’re risk-averse. It requires doing the opposite of our first instincts. Recessions are the same. The thing our prospects and

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Under her leadership, Debbie has effectively built up the Branch from scratch ... She has brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the role of Chairman which has helped make it the active and successful Branch that it is today.”

Chair, Bath & Wiltshire Branch
SW Regional Chairman, Institute of Directors

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