Your business growth in 2015

Your business growth in 2015

Have you thought about using a coach-cum-marketing professional to grow your business?   Before you zap away I promise it’s not fluffy nonsense!

1. Why might you need help and support?  The value of business coaching is brilliantly explained in 45 seconds by Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google.   See here 

A coach gives you someone who is outside of your business who you can support you and whom you trust. A bounce.

2. Update your business plan for 2015 – including short and long term goals, time scales and “who/what/by when”.

3. Update your marketing strategy for 2015 including

  • an overview marketing audit so you can reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, how you can improve
  • your marketing communications – thinking about your different buying personas, how is it best to communicate with them; what would they most prefer?

4.  Having monthly conversations gives you a focus to look objectively at your financials to see what could be improved/adjusted. Test and Measure. Always.

5. Having a bounce for issues in the business, from leadership to HR to whatever has presented itself as a challenge to you.

Whether using the great GrowthAccelerator support scheme, or directly with me, I’d be delighted to talk to you.

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