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Email News Updates being sent out just using the ‘copy’ function on your standard email.   I was amazed to hear the news on Wednesday about the NHS London HIV clinic who had emailed 780 of its patients who had been tested

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10 top tips on how to write effective subject lines

10 top tips on how to write effective subject lines Another great post from Andy Owen of Copycat, with tips on getting the best from the subject lines you choose in your email marketing. Lots of pitfalls to avoid of

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Sending Email Newsletters – points to consider…

Sending Email Newsletters – points to consider… How many emails do you get pinging into your inbox each week?    Which do you read, and which do you zap away?   What makes you decide?     Think about that for a minute if

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List Building for Success

Good email marketing starts with a quality list by Alec Stern,  Constant Contact Vice President, Strategic Market Development You might put together the best looking and most compelling email campaigns ever, but without a permission-based list of people to receive them, your messages

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Your Email Signature

Your Email SignatureOne of my bête noirs is to receive an email from someone without all their contact details. The usual suspects are of course mandatory –

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How to get the best results when sending Email Newsletters

Glance through these bulleted headers and think about whether these points are being discussed in your business. If you have a team who prepares your company’s emails for you, are you receiving regular statistics to show the comparative open rate,

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3 Ways to Maintain Your Growing Email List

All lists need a little upkeep to stay healthy and keep communications relevant by Pamela Adams2,  Constant Contact Regional Development Director, Georgia How is a permission-based email list like a Philodendron plant3? You want both to grow in size and expand their

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...she was creative about they way she gave the presentation and made sure the workshop was also interactive to keep the students interested. I would recommend Debbie for marketing workshops and would love for her to come back and give another workshop for us".

Helen Collings
University of the West of England

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