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To follow up or not, that is the question…

“Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely and the likely definite” is a quotation from Robert Half and which I have stuck up at eye level by my desk! To follow up or not, that is the

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13 Top Sales Tips

Here’s 13 Top Sales Tips to jog your memory that sales is all about process as well as letting your excitement and passion for your business shine through. Listen and understand. To quote the old adage, we were given two ears

Fear – exploiting our emotions to increase sales

Fear – exploiting our emotions to increase sales Think about how often you see this being used – consciously or subliminally…. the technique – I suppose you can call it this – is one of the most powerful drivers of

Can you send me some literature?

It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting in the office planning your week of sales calls. The phone rings and suddenly you’re in a friendly conversation with a new prospect, Bob. Bob seems like a nice enough guy… knowledgeable about your

Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople

“If you ask an extremely successful salesperson, “What makes you different from the average sales rep?” you will most likely get a less-than-accurate answer, if any answer at all. Frankly, the person may not even know the real answer because

Sales tips to improve effectiveness

Sales tips to improve effectiveness Generally people buy to make themselves feel better or to solve a problem.  People buy for the ‘afters’ ie  they go to University because the ‘afters’ can give them better job prospects.  What ‘afters’ are

Five Deadly Sales Letter Mistakes

by Ernest W. NicastroTo be effective your sales letter must be opened, read, believed and acted upon. In order to do this it must attract attention, warm the interest of the reader, create a desire for your product or service and cause

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17 tips for selling in a recession

Written a couple of years ago when this latest recession first hit…. Trust is a paradoxical thing. It requires risk-taking when we’re risk-averse. It requires doing the opposite of our first instincts. Recessions are the same. The thing our prospects and

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Linked In tips to get you started – 7 – Sales Acceleration

 7. Sales Acceleration If you’ve got a meeting with a new client, see what you can learn about them – do you share any connections? What are their hobbies or interests?   Show that you’ve done your homework. With existing customers/clients,

Do you want more sales?

There are only three main ways to increase your sales in your business…. 1. Find new customers 2. Get your existing customers to buy more (cross sell and upsell) 3. Get your existing customers to buy more often With (2)