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Do your customers trust you?

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Do your customers trust you? For me, trust has always been one of the most, if not the most important factor in any relationship with clients.  Whenever undertaking any sales training and running through the most important qualities of anyone

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Customer Loyalty – What A Goldfish Can Teach You

Customer Loyalty – What A Goldfish Can Teach You I loved this article about customer loyalty written by David Edelman, McKinsey partner leading Digital Marketing Strategy Practice. Not only is it great for customer loyalty,  but it’s also a great

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Do your customers feel valued?

OK then, it’s Valentine’s Day next week; don’t just keep this day for your loved ones, but think about your special customers in your business too.. When did you last tell them they were valued? Last week, last month, last

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The "Wow" Factor – have you got it?

Turning a customer with a complaint into one of your biggest fans:The Wow Factor-have you got it?Things do go wrong and most people are reasonable if a complaint is handled well. Handle it really well and you have a fan

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Whose job is "marketing" in your office?

From my newsletter 25th May 2012 Just the people with marketing in their job title or ???? What about the person answering your calls – the first contact with your clients and prospects.  First impressions, good call handling all very

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